of mobile apps

From making visual mock-ups to
placement in the AppStore, Google Play and Huawei app.

Full production cycle, including integration
with your information systems.

owner of the «Alley of taste» farm
With the creation of a new point of sale, we noticed an overall increase in profits. The average order through the app went up by 25% in value. We plan to introduce goods not dependent on seasonal sales. Continuous sales are important to our business. We have an excellent tool for this: a mobile app. In future, we intend to open branches in other cities

Our projects

Apps for industrial enterprises, retail, HoReCa and medical institutions

Frequently used technologies

Mobile operating system for
Apple devices
Mobile operating system for
Google devices
Set of mobile app development tools for both Android and iOS
We developed the eDA Platform
This set of services helps businesses develop their customer relations. The eDA Platform tools help our customers increase profits - it's proven!

4 steps to launch the app

But your plan can be individual
Installation video conference
If you do not have a technical task already, we can create it for you. During the meetings, we will ask you the questions we need answered
Our experts prepare a documentation package setting the IT project goals and objectives; the cost is set
Project implementation
When working on IT projects, we use both «waterfall» and «agile» implementation methodologies at the the customer's request
We publish the app in AppStore, Google Play and Huawei Market. We train staff in using the new system
Installation video conference
Free of charge.
At a time convenient for you

On budget and on time

we make projects from E-commerce to
WMS using AR
> 10 years
Aсtonica provides services to companies from Russia, the USA, Asia and Europe
> 150 projects
Performed by our specialists in various economic sectors
> 50 experts
Including C# programmers, project managers, web developers

Our clients' average success rates

After 6 months using client mobile apps
Average bill
Customer numbers
Company revenues

Available to our customers

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive customer service approach
CRM system
Easier than ever to work with an app or website. Form a customer base, set up filters, make individual offers
Release updates
We keep track of IT-technology market innovations and our customers' wishes. We regularly update the app and website to make them even better
Analytical panel
The built-in analytical panel will help you track your business's key indicators and build plans
Integrations with accounting systems
You have ideas for synchronising an existing accounting system with a mobile app or website - this is not a problem for us
One-stop-shop management
Administering the app and website is much easier than you might think. Set up from a single personal account
Technical support 24/7
Our client's goals are also our goals. We will help you set up, teach you how to use the entire functional; if necessary, we will do it for you
Free consultation
with expert

Useful materials

from our experts about enterprise
digital transformation