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To create a new project, we will help you decide on an appropriate development methodology
I want to note that the «Actonica» specialists quickly helped determine the implementation methodology. No time needed for unnecessary approvals and evaluations.
Josh Miller, Technical Director
«O’Donnell Impact Windows & Storm Protection»

There are two development methodologies

The developer always explains which method
suits you best
  • Agile
    This flexible methodology is based on the repetition principle, with the entire project divided into cycles. Their number and the deadlines are determined according to the project specifics
  • Waterfall
    Sequential execution of each step. The project is carried out step by step and no adjustments can be made during the work, only after all work stages are completed
At first glance, it seems difficult to choose between Agile and Waterfall but the experts understand everything straight away.
Either method: Agile or Waterfall will help you build your project. First, focus on the main parameters: the budget, implementation time, availability of your own staff developers.
Arkady Marchenko, Actonica Technical Director
As always: briefly about the main thing

Let's consider each in more detail


About method

The key feature of this approach is creation of a project in several cycles (sprints); at the end of each, you can analyse the result, make adjustments if necessary and determine how to progress.

The whole project is divided into cycles, each with its own deadline and deliverable. A cycle is a separate project with its own stages: assessment, planning, testing, analysis and implementation


About method

The key feature is impossibility of taking a step back or leaping over an iteration; the transition is made to the next stage only once all the work on the previous one is completed.

Changing the functionality and adjustment is possible only after the project is released. Work on the Waterfall model is clearly defined, the exact timeline and the specific cost of development are assigned

Everything is clearer now, you must agree!

Agile and Waterfall are different forms of software development methodology. Software development projects with evolving or uncertain requirements are ideally suited to use of the Agile methodology. On the other hand, those with specific requirements find the Waterfall model to be the best choice

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