Driving schools

«At the wheel» and «Avtostatus»

The Group trains future vehicle drivers in accordance with all the latest state standards in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Tyumen.

Technologies used

React, Typescript
Code security and reliability in rapid development
Instant text
and voice messaging
Saving without loss of quality: one app for Android and iOS
App publishing speed and
OS security
About the project
The companies «At the wheel» and «Avtostatus» turned to us for an IT solution. There were no terms of reference, just a designated problem

Project reference points

From project idea to launch: complete immersion in the client's goals and objectives
Project goal
When the company expanded beyond a single branch, the problem arose of controlling the interaction between instructors, managers, and customers. Therefore, the driving school began to think about how to facilitate information collection and storage, making them more convenient for both employees and customers
«Actonica» made it possible for us to describe the model of our future system as quickly as possible.

Vladislav Leontiev, Chief Executive Officer

LLC «At the wheel» and LLC «Avtostatus»

Project stages

All the client's wishes were taken into account during the work

Average project success rates

After 6 months of mobile app and portal use
More new
Greater labour
Exclusion of

Vladislav Leontiev

We believe our company was lucky to meet and work with Actonica. Their specialists present even complex technical solutions in clear and simple language. They advise how best to implement the project.

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Company management

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  • Aleksandr Shekhtman
    Chief Executive Officer

    The team's founder and ideological inspiration. He is able to structure any process.

  • Arkady Marchenko
    Technical Director
    Knows how to implement a project of any complexity in the shortest possible time.
  • Mikhail Rudov
    Development Director
    Sets the main vector for the company's strategic development. Knows everything about successful projects.
  • Ksenia Ermishina
    Deputy Development Director

    Dispels any doubts about projects. Having doubt about choosing a solution? Just call.