The Group today includes four IT companies. Every day we resolve business digitalisation problems in Russia, Asia and Europe. Since 2021, we have been Skolkovo IT cluster residents.

Our mission

Profit-generating digitalisation. Development of solutions to provide basis for further digital development and profitability of the client's business.

All business decisions must fulfill one of the main tasks in order to have a positive influence on income. During implementation of various information systems, our business analysts necessarily carry out an economic assessment.

Expert team

Using the latest digital technologies
  • Microsoft Azure
    Enables app development and running, and data storage on servers located at distributed data centres
  • PostgreSQL
    In the context of import substitution, this is one of the main alternatives to the MsSQL database management system in the Russian Federation
  • Yandex Cloud
    A cloud platform for creating digital services
    using the Yandex infrastructure and available technologies
  • Kubernetes
    A technology that allows you to plan launch and deployment of container apps, and to manage data centre load balancing
We can provide short CVs of our specialists

Company management

We are ready to answer all your questions
in online conference mode
  • Aleksandr Shekhtman
    Chief Executive Officer

    The team's founder and ideological inspiration. He is able to structure any process.

  • Arkady Marchenko
    Technical Director
    Knows how to implement a project of any complexity in the shortest possible time.
  • Mikhail Rudov
    Development Director
    Sets the main vector for the company's strategic development. Knows everything about successful projects.
  • Ksenia Ermishina
    Deputy Development Director

    Dispels any doubts about projects. Having doubt about choosing a solution? Just call.

Media publications

We operate openly and take pride in every completed project