A single IT solution ecosystems at your enterprise allows you to resolve problems online from a single personal account.

For interacting with your customers and employees. Guaranteed data security

Josh Miller
Technical Director «O'Donnell»
We focus on optimising business processes and cutting costs. In 2018, the time came to think about digitising the order approval process with customers. We needed an automated measurement registration process, a corporate portal for employees and customers

Our projects

Projects for developed corporate portals

Frequently used technologies

For developing user
.net Core
For developing different
types of app
Yandex Cloud
Technology facilitates online
resources access
For managing workloads and
Corporate portals
Following the launch of operation of corporate portals, all clients have noted a reduction or complete elimination of paper work. This tool greatly increases work transparency and quality in various-sized enterprises

4 steps to launch the app

But your plan can be individual
Instalation video conference
If you do not have a technical task already, we can create it for you. During the meetings, we will ask you the questions we need answered
Our experts prepare a documentation package setting the IT project goals and objectives; the cost is set
Project implementation
When working on IT projects, we use both «waterfall» and «agile» implementation methodologies at the the customer's request
We test for possible errors, modify and launch the project. If necessary, we train your employees to work with the new system
Installation video conference
Free of charge.
At a time convenient for you

On budget and on time

we make projects from E-commerce to
WMS using AR
> 10 years
Aсtonica provides services to companies from Russia, the USA, Asia and Europe
> 150 projects
Performed by our specialists in various economic sectors
> 50 experts
Including C# programmers, project managers, web developers

Our clients' average success rates

After 6 months of use of corporate portals
new customers
customer service

Embraces current
business processes

We take account of your usual work scheme and offer process optimisation
Client interaction
Provide your customers with timely information about goods and services, remind them about promotions and discounts, expand your customer base
Working time savings
Unified corporate portals trigger a significant reduction in paper-based work. Also new employees get a quick grasp of work processes
Conditions for collaborative work
Corporate portals allow you to create a platform for convenient working conditions for all employees and departments. Collaboration occurs in real time
Higher communications level
Instant internal communications are through a single system. Group chats for employees and employees with clients
Uninterrupted work
High level of fault tolerance. Network protocols and interactions are configured with a high degree of security. We implement all your security protocols
Transparency and control
All data are stored in a single system, if necessary, you can set an employee's timestamps when they start and finish a task
Free consultation
with expert

Useful materials

from our experts about enterprise
digital transformation