If you company's current business process model fulfils only some tasks and the is no unified IT infrastructure.

We will create a convenient production and sales environment for your products and services. We will cut your costs within the specified time and budget

Technical Director
We were recommended of Latitude IT to contact Actonica as an IT developer. During the first meeting, we realized we were dealing with professionals. I would like to note that there were no difficulties during the development process. Everything fitted in with predetermined deadlines and stages. Today we are counting to cooperate on other projects.

Our projects

Tailored development does not turn your usual work rhythm on its head but improves and simplifies it

Frequently used technologies

For integration and management functionality
.net Core
For development various
types of app
Programming interface app for web server
Automatic computing resource
Tailored development
Our clients turn to us for individual development when the standard functionality of mass-produced programs does not meet their business needs of their business. It is mostly a very labour-intensive process to rebuild all the company business processes debugged for standard solutions provided by the IT market.

4 steps to launch the app

But your plan can be individual
Instalation video conference
If you do not have a technical task already, we can create it for you. During the meetings, we will ask you the questions we need answered
Our experts prepare a documentation package setting the IT project goals and objectives; the cost is set
Project implementation
When working on IT projects, we use both «waterfall» and «agile» implementation methodologies at the the customer's request
We test for possible errors, modify and launch the project. If necessary, we train your employees to work with the new system
Installation video conference
Free of charge.
At a time convenient for you

On budget and on time

we make projects from E-commerce to
WMS using AR
> 10 years
Aсtonica provides services to companies from Russia, the USA, Asia and Europe
> 150 projects
Performed by our specialists in various economic sectors
> 50 experts
Including C# programmers, project managers, web developers

Our clients' average success rates

After 6 months of use of implemented project

Production cycle



Improvement in

resource use efficiency


Reduction in circulation assets in stock

Advantages of tailored development

We take your usual scheme of work into consideration and offer process optimization
Takes all tasks into account
During development, all the features of work at your enterprise are provided for
Advisory assistance
Expert experience of implementing your non-trivial business solutions
A comprehensive approach
Full-scale automation of your company's business processes
Technical support
Our client's goals are our goals. We will help you set up and provide use training
Already proven modern technologies are being introduced
Data security
At all development stages, increased attention is focused on data security
Free consultation
with expert

Useful materials

from our experts about enterprise
digital transformation