AR and VR technology

Modern solutions using augmented and virtual reality.

Solving warehousing, logistics and industrial safety problems.

head of the
«Sima Land» points of issue network
At the point the business grew from a single point of issue into a network, we got tired of the confusion. Who accepted the freight, where was it placed, to whom should it be given? So many questions, so little time!
But there was a way out: AR technologies came to our aid. Augmented reality glasses solved all the problems, now everyone knows where everything is, when and to whom it arrived. As a result, the receiving and issuing time was cut to a third

Our projects

AR technology from retail - using projects to logistics centrese

Frequently used technologies

ML Kit
For machine learning on Android, iOS and Flutter devices
For remote control the data flow from the server
Programming language that integrates easily with systems
Azure Cognitive Services
Allows cognitive intelligence to be embedded into app
AR technologies are already in operation
We have now implemented several projects using augmented reality technologies.

These are two, different scale businesses: a network of issue points and an international airport in Asia

4 steps to launch the app

But your plan can be individual
Instalation video conference
If you do not have a technical task already, we can create it for you. During the meetings, we will ask you the questions we need answered
Our experts prepare a documentation package setting the IT project goals and objectives; the cost is set
Project implementation
When working on IT projects, we use both «waterfall» and «agile» implementation methodologies at the the customer's request
We test for possible errors, modify and launch the project. If necessary, we train your employees to work with the new system
Installation video conference
Free of charge.
At a time convenient for you

On budget and on time

we make projects from E-commerce to
WMS using AR
> 10 years
Aсtonica provides services to companies from Russia, the USA, Asia and Europe
> 150 projects
Performed by our specialists in various economic sectors
> 50 experts
Including C# programmers, project managers, web developers

Our clients' average success rates

After 6 months of augmented reality technology use
Reduction in the work involved in seeking goods and materials
employee control, point-of-use storage and routing
Reduction in
internship time
AR glasses tell the employee what to do immediately
Reduction in
equipment downtime
remote communication with the control point and prompt repairs

AR for your business

Augmented reality is already successfully used in many fields
Employee time spent on loading and unloading is reduced. AR glasses display the route through the warehouse and basic information about the freight
Industrial enterprises
Organisation of remote repairs and equipment turning through interactive communication with the control center and neuronet
Medical institutions
Performance of complex medical manipulations under the controlled by AI and a remote consultant
Entertainment industry
AR will complement any entertainment venue and increase the number of visitors. A virtual hostess and waiters are already waiting for the order
It increases student involvement in theoretical classes and adds flexibility to the education process. Chemistry and physics are no longer so boring
Higher sales and new customers. Virtual clothes and shoes fitting rooms are one example
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with expert

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