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Heart disease research software

WHCVC - William Harvey Cardiovascular Chair

WHCVC is an electrocardiography innovation by ProBiometrics and William Harvey Heart Centre.

Reduces the time of ECG examination by several times Simplifies the ECG analysis process


Let us show you

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Easier. Faster. Better.

The system is designed to simplify and speed up the ECG analysis process significantly. Not just progress, but a huge leap.

  • Data protection in case of disconnection
  • Up to 5000 parallel analyses.
  • The app runs on Android.
  • Remote analysis of results by any specialist.

To the future with all the heart

Currently, heart and vascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, taking away a third of all lives on the planet.

In the future, the Chair will greatly reduce the mortality rate from heart diseases.

This is made possible by the unique data analysis algorithms from ProBiometrics.

The system can analyze data without the direct participation of a specialist and display results directly on a mobile device.

All that speeds up the process and dramatically reduces the “human factor”.

Making the best even better

The ECG machine is the only device in the world for which its Creator, Willem Einthoven, won the Nobel prize.

This is the best thing that has happened to medicine in a hundred years. Now we make it even better.

Together with the world. Together for the world.

ProBiometrics (UK) is the owner of a patent for an algorithm for calculating key ECG indicators.

Working with them from different parts of the world, we managed to make the world a better place.

The sooner the better

The described indicators allow to detect heart diseases at an early stage in an automated mode. Cure the disease before it manifests. Not only to save life, but also to make it calmer.


  • To develop a service that reads the parameters of the cardiogram when connected to the device
  • To simplify the process of ECG analysis
  • To output parameters of the electrocardiogram for further diagnosis
  • To develop a service for accessing research results for dynamic analysis
  • To develop an Android-based mobile app


Personal data protection

The development of the service has been fraught with legal issues. As it turned out, our project should be regulated by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The solution was to develop additional business processes and change the privacy policy to comply with the act.

Providing data durability and performance improvement

For this project, it was necessary to continuously stream data from the device to the server. Moreover, the information had to be saved and transmitted even if the connection was lost. For the mobile application, this created certain difficulties (control of the connection, verification of data already transferred, etc.)

In addition, it was necessary to provide the system with up to 5,000 parallel analyses. To solve this challenge, we used the classic approach of using message queues.


Key Results

The ECG analysis process is eased. The risks to the patient during diagnosis and treatment have decreased.
Possibility of instant remote transfer of patient data to any specialist in the world.
Investment attracting for new promising ProBiometrics developments, such as ProCVT.Sleep and Post.Pandemic.
Ensuring transparent functioning of the system in accordance with HIPAA and GDPR acts.
Creating a data transmission system that is resistant to interference and interruptions.
Effective work that leads to further progress in the health sector.

Actonica thanks ProBiometrics and its managing Director, Ralph Lloyd-Roberts, for the experience working together and participating in the project. Together we change the world.

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