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Augmented reality system for [REDACTED]

Secret system for secret organization

Special Containment Procedures:

It can only be maintained and used in the [REDACTED] area and cannot be moved outside the work zone.

Video Material

A secret cargo

The system consists of special augmented reality glasses and a software package for them.

It is intended to facilitate and secure work with objects (cargo).

Provides information about them to the personnel when interacting.

Hidden in plain sight

A specially equipped employee, after looking at the cargo, immediately receives special information about it, such as [REDACTED]

At the same time, an unauthorized person will see just an object and nothing more.

At first sight

The glasses automatically recognize and digitize text information as soon as you look at it.

Employees can just concentrate on their work, and the program will do the rest.

Without a single mistake

The glasses automatically find the object needed for processing and select it. In other words, it will light up right in your eyes, like in the game.

In addition, the system itself sets the priority for sorting and shows what, where and when to move. This eliminates the problem of the human factor.

Just don't tell anyone!

In the world of big and interesting ideas, privacy can sometimes play a crucial role. Not only the military or medical development can be a secret.

Leaks can be beneficial to competitors even in the consumer market, which is why we are ready to work in secret. It's harder and more expensive, but your ideas will remain under lock and key.

But shh!


  • to develop a service that defines and controls [REDACTED]
  • to secure the system with increased fault tolerance
  • to contain the interface in an easy-to-use design
  • to provide the possibility of full control by management


Total confidentiality
The client insisted on maximum secrecy of the entire project, except for the above-mentioned information. This has created development difficulties due to the fact that secrecy eliminates the possibility of sharing working information.
Ensuring high performance and data protection
A large complex of augmented reality devices with external control requires high data processing speed. At the same time, leakage must be excluded. The solution to the problem was [REDACTED]

Key Results

The process of handling a large number of units on the site is simplified and speeded up
Control over personnel working with valuable objects is strengthened
The entire system in the [REDACTED] has been upgraded, working conditions have been improved, and effective revenue has been increased
Authorization is required for detailed information Enter the authorization code Access denied
Secure. Contain. Protect

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