frequently asked questions

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Start of work

Everyone is asking for a requirements list, but I have only an idea, what should I do?
● We will carry out aggregation of requirements, draw up a requirements list and a prototype of the visual design for you.

I have an unfinished app. Can you finalize it for me?
● Yes we can, we just need the primary requirements, design layouts and sourcecode.


Prices and assurance

How much are your services going to cost?
1. iOS / Android mobile app starting from 2000$ for each platform
2. cross platform app - starting from 3 300$
3. Web app and backend - from 2000$

It is important to understand that the final cost very much depends on how much functionality will be implemented.

Do you provide a mobile application assurance?
● Yes, we provide a warranty period for 3 months. If you find any problems with our app within 3 months, we eliminate them for free.

I don’t have money right now, but I have a really good idea. How about that: I’ll give you a share and you will implement the project?
● As a rule, we do not undertake such projects, but we can advise you on the further development of the project.


Support and development

Will you help me if I want to develop the app?
● Yes, we will help with the further development of your product and with the addition of new functionality.

If I want to hire programmers, will they be able to continue to develop the app?

● Yes, we ensure the continuity of the code and, upon request, we can provide the transfer of the project to the client’s team.


Legal information

Do you have freelancers?
● No, all our employees work under an employment contract.

Do you work under a contract?
● Yes, our customers enter into a contract.

Do you work only in Russia?
● At the moment, our customers are companies and individuals from Russia, Singapore, the UK and the USA.



When will the first results be after the start of work?
● The first public version of the product usually comes out after 4-6 weeks.




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